01. They are unable to [control] their son, and he does whatever he wants.
02. All dogs in the park must be on a leash and under the [control] of their owners.
03. His wife really [controls] him. She's always telling him what to do.
04. The sale of guns is under strict government [control] in this country.
05. Unless we [control] spending, we will be in serious trouble.
06. He lost [control] of the car when he hit ice, and smashed into a telephone pole.
07. A passenger had to take over the [controls] of the airplane after both pilots fell ill.
08. My father is in [control] of the company; I'm just an employee.
09. It was difficult for the captain to keep [control] of the ship during the storm.
10. The corporation has a [controlling] interest in a number of smaller companies.
11. Free access to abortion ensures that women have full [control] over their bodies.
12. Up until 1939, it was illegal to give advice on birth [control] in Puerto Rico.
13. According to acupuncturists, there is a point on the head that you can press to [control] your appetite.
14. My mother [controls] the family budget.
15. Studies show that 70% of the world's coffee market is [controlled] by just four multinational corporations.
16. The boy was so cold that he was shivering [uncontrollably].
17. His voice trembled nervously, and his hands shook [uncontrollably].
18. In Burma, radio, television, and the press are strictly [controlled] by the military government.
19. He fought his partner for a [controlling] interest in the company.
20. By 332 B.C., Egypt was under the [control] of Alexander the Great.
21. Studies show that laughter helps [control pain], lower blood pressure, and relieve stress.
22. John D. Rockefeller started in the oil business at the age of 19, and by age 40, he [controlled] 90 percent of the world's oil refineries.
23. A Chinese proverb suggests that he who cannot agree with his enemies is [controlled] by them.
24. A Sanskrit proverb states that the greatest hero is one who has [control] over his desires.
25. A Turkish proverb advises that he who [controls] his tongue, saves his head.
26. Margo Kaufman once suggested that the only worse thing than a man you can't [control] is a man you can.
27. She has an [uncontrollable] need for chocolate, and it's very dangerous to get between her and a chocolate bar.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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